This one is the Traditional all American. We call this our ‘plain’ one, try for yourself, the flavours are anything but plain. It’s for the purists amongst us. simple, gooey, Belgian chocolate goodness.

Double Chocolate

Double Chocolate Belgian Brownie. Made using 70% cocoa Belgian chocolate, this brownie is enriched with white chocolate pieces baked in.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel Brownie..need we say more?! Gooey Belgian chocolate brownie, with a salted caramel swirl bakes into the brownie, with caramel oozing out of the middle!


Do Blondes really have more fun? Meet our blondie, our only Brownie made with Belgian white chocolate. We added dark chocolate chips for the contrast in flavours.

Peanut Butter Swirl

Peanut Butter Swirl. Nobody ever guesses that this is healthier. It’s made using greek yogurt, and oats and contains no butter, but lots of lovely peanut butter swirls.


An indulgent treat for the tastebuds, this is really two desserts in one!, a rich chocolate base with a decadent cream cheese swirl made to my unique recipe. lovely with a cuppa or warmed slightly served with ice cream.

Rocky Road

These chocolaty treats are made using our signature brownie recipe, adding a unique mix of chewy marshmallows, biscuit pieces, and white chocolate. Both the kids and adults love this chewy gooey trea

Gluten Free

This is my indulgent gluten free take on the traditional chocolate brownie recipe. Made with the best quality award winning gluten free flour, the blend i use is milled from naturally gluten free ingredients is a great alternative to everyday wheat flour. Chewy and moist it’s difficult to tell that its gluten free!

Our Seasonal Varieties

After Eight

Christmas wouldn’t be christmas without this twist on a nostalgic staple of christmases past. A rich chocolatey base baked with a pastel green peppermint swirl thrown into the mix. perfect with a coffee.

Chocolate Orange

The perfect pair, Chocolate and orange! Made with Dark belgian chocolate, an autumn treat!

Mince Pie Brownie

Traditional gooey brownie recipe, with cranberries, walnuts and sweet Mincemeat, served with a dusting of snow!

Belgian Blue

The Belgian Blue Brownie is made using Bradfield Brewery’s finest belgian blue beer. The unique mix of blueberries in this seasonal winter beer enriches the humble brownie, giving a slightly bitter quality, balanced with Dark chocolate chips make this the Perfect combination of beer and dark chocolate!